In Appulate, viewers are market and agency users whose scope of actions is limited. Admin users can upgrade viewers to regular users.

The following restrictions apply to viewers:

Creating a market viewer

Agency users can create market viewers in submissions to markets that have Email, eSubmission and Weblink submission types.

adding a market viewer

To create a market viewer:

1. Click Select (Add) in the Contact column on the Quote request page.

2. This opens a dialog for selecting market contacts. There, click Add new contact

3. Fill in the fields in the Add favorite market contact dialog. All fields except Phone are required. 

4. Click Save.

The new market viewer will be marked as a favorite contact.

Note: You can also create a market viewer when requesting a quote from a market with the Email submission type. The Add favorite market contact dialog will open if you type a new email in the To field.

Creating an agency viewer

When assigning a Producer/CSR

Market users can create agency viewers when assigning a Producer or CSR for a quote request or policy.

The agency viewer will receive an email notification that an account in Appulate has been set up for them to manage submissions in Appulate. The email will contain a link to the Change password page.

Note: The agency has to have the Control of agency users by markets setting (Setup menu > Settings) enabled for viewers to be created. 

adding an agency viewer

To create an agency viewer:

1. Click Agency: [Agency name] or Agency: Select (main contact panel) on top of the Quote request page or Policy page.

2. In the dropdown, click the 2023-11-10_15-52-26 Add agent button.

3. Fill in the fields in the Add new agent dialog. All fields are required.

4. Click Save

When sending a quote cover letter

You can also create an agency viewer when sending a quote cover letter.

  • When you enter an email address that doesn't exist in the submitting agency in the Send Quote Cover Letter dialog's To field, the Add contact dialog will appear.
  • The new viewer will be added when you click Add in the dialog, even if you don't end up sending the email.

Add contact dialog

When sending the questionnaire on the MSQA/QSQA or Insured tab

Market users can create agency viewers when sending the Market Smart Q&A (Quote Smart Q&A) or Insured tab questionnaire for an agent to complete.

An agency viewer will be added if you:

  • type in an email address not present in Appulate's database in the Send questionnaire to field of the Ask agent dialog;
  • and then click Send in the email.

ask agent - new agency viewer

If you have assigned an agency to this quote request, the agency viewer will be created in this agency.

Upgrading viewers' role

If you are an admin user, you can upgrade your agency's or market's viewers to regular users.

Upgrading viewers

1. Go to the User Profile of the viewer you want to upgrade (Setup menu > Users).

2. Click Upgrade Role at the bottom of the page. 

3. This opens a dialog that says, "Are you sure you want to change this user's role to "User"?"

4. Click OK to proceed.

Note: A market's admin users can upgrade an agency's viewers if:

  • this market has selected this agency;
  • this agency has the Control of agency users by markets setting enabled. 

Market users can upgrade a selected agency's viewers via the Agency Info tab (Agencies menu > Selected) by clicking the Edit icon in the Users table. This will open a viewer's User Profile

The Users table doesn't show user roles, but they are displayed on the User Profile.