1. Using Appulate
  2. Questionnaire & Forms

Sending forms to complete

Appulate allows you to send forms (ACORD and Supplementals) to the insured or others by email. The following actions are available on the Forms page:

  • Send form to complete (if you want to send one form)
  • Send Request to Complete (if you want to send several forms)

Buttons for sending a form

Note: Send form to complete is available in the form's drop-down menu, allowing you to send only this form. Send Request to Complete allows you to send several or all forms at once.

It becomes available when you check the relevant forms' checkboxes. The checkbox located next to View all forms on the top bar selects all forms available.

    Sending request by email

    Whenever you Send Request to Complete (or Send form to complete), you need to send an email containing a link to the form.

    sending a form to complete

    The recipient ("To" field) is the insured specified as the main contact by default. If absent, you can enter the insured's email address and add a new insured contact.

    Insured's forms 

    Once an email is sent, the recipient will receive an email with a link to the form (the link is active for 30 days). The link opens one or several combined ACORD or Supplemental forms. All the questions, including the answered ones, are displayed. The questions are not filtered.

    The form or questionnaire resembles the Q&A and Inline editors. However, there is no top menu, but there is a header with the introduction text and the agency's contact information.

    • Form (Send Request to Complete or Send form to complete)

    Form filling page for the insured

    Once the form or questionnaire is filled out, the sender will be notified by email.

    All the actions are logged in the Activity log (Forms Filling Request Sent; Forms Filling Completed; Forms Filling Request Canceled).