1. Using Appulate
  2. Questionnaire & Forms

Sending questionnaire to complete

Appulate allows users to send forms and questionnaires to the insured or others by email. Following actions are available on the RFQ interface:

  • Send Q&A on the Smart Q&A tab

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    Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 19.46.36

    Send Q&A on the Smart Q&A tab

    send market qa

    When you request an insured or agent to fill out a questionnaire (the Send Q&A button), you will be asked to specify which questions you are interested in in the open Select Which Questions to Complete dialog.

    This dialog includes three steps:

    • Select markets: Select markets whose fundamental questions you need to get the answers to. The list of the displayed markets and their submarkets is based on your selection on the RFQ interface. 
      • If you open this dialog box without selecting any market, you are considered to need a standard set of answers for all markets. In this case, this step and the "Required unanswered only" option in the last step are absent, and the information message reads: "You have selected no market for submission. A standard questionnaire form will be sent."
    • Select questionnaire sections: Select sections that the questions you are interested in belong to. The list of these sections is based on the requirements of the displayed markets.

      • If you want to change this list, you have to close the dialog box, select a new set of markets on the RFQ interface, and click the "Send Q&A" button again.

      • All sections are selected by default and are available for unselecting (and selecting again). You need to leave at least one section selected to send a questionnaire form. Otherwise, it is considered empty, and the warning message reads: "The form is empty. To send it, you need to include at least one questionnaire section."

    • Select question types: Select the sort of questions you are interested in:

      • "All": all questions (selected by default).

      • "Unanswered only": all unanswered questions.

      • "Required unanswered only": only required questions (marked with asterisks) that are not answered.

    Sending questionnaire to complete by email

    Whenever you Send Q&A, you need to send an email containing a link to the questionnaire.

    Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 15.17.48

    The recipient ("To" field) is the insured specified as the main contact by default. If absent, a user can enter the insured's email address and add a new insured contact.

    Send Q&A in the Market Smart Q&A dialog

    You can send questions from the Market Smart Q&A dialog to the insured (if you are an agency user) and agents (if you are a market user) to complete.

    For agency users

    To send the Market Smart Q&A questionnaire to the insured, click Send Q&A and select the insured contact (or add a new one). You can also type your message, which will appear in an email to the insured. The insured will get an email with the link to Appulate. We will notify you when the questionnaire is ready.

    send qa

    For market users

    To send the Market Smart Q&A questionnaire to an agent, click the Send Q&A button. 

    • If an agency has been assigned to this insured, it will be prefilled in the Agency field. This field will be read-only, but you will be able to choose the Producer or CSR from the list of this agency's users.
    • If no agency has been assigned, click the Agency field and choose one from the list of your market's selected agencies. This agency will be assigned to all requests for a quote and policies for this insured.

    You can select the Producer or CSR first by clicking the associated field and choosing from the list of your selected agencies' users. In this case, the Agency field will be automatically filled with the agency the selected Producer or CSR is from. 

    You can also type in your message in the Message field. It will appear in the email sent to the agent.

    sending the market smart q&a questionnaire as a market user

    The agent will get an email with the link to Appulate. We will notify you when the questionnaire is ready.

    Questionnaire email

    Recipient's questionnaire

    Once an email is sent, the recipient will receive an email with a link to the questionnaire (the link is active for 30 days).

    The questionnaire resembles those on the RFQ interface: Smart Q&A tab, Market Smart Q&A dialog. However, there is no top menu but there is a header with the introduction text and the sender's contact information.

    • Questionnaire (Send Q&A)
    • Questionnaire (Market Smart Q&A)

    Questionnaire (Market Smart Q&A)Once the questionnaire is filled out, the sender will be notified by email.

    All the actions are logged in the Activity log (Questionnaire Filling Request Sent; Questionnaire Filling Completed; Questionnaire Filling Request Canceled).