Quote request page

We’ve redesigned Appulate’s main page for requesting quotes.

Forms, Loss Runs, Documents, and other relevant information can be found on separate pages. Each page also contains this quote request's summary at the top.

The interface and navigation are now smoother and structured better.

Navigating between pages

The Quote request page has:

  • pinned tabs (Insured, Quote request, Compare quotes) you can switch between by clicking their names;
  • a menu 2023-10-10_15-11-59 that opens a list of all pages related to this quote request. 

To navigate between quote request pages:

  • click the menu 2023-10-10_15-11-59 ;
  • select a page from the dropdown list.

In addition, clicking Next on the Insured tab will redirect you to the Quote request tab so that you could continue with your workflow.

quote request navigation

The following pages are available:  

  • Insured: This page contains a general questionnaire you can use as a basis for requesting quotes from markets on the Quote request page. This page opens by default when you create a new quote request. 

Note: For captive agencies, the Insured tab is hidden. Captive agents use a market questionnaire.

  • Quote request: This is the main page with all actions needed to request a quote and bind a Policy. It has information about markets, quotes, and statuses. You can use it to open market-specific questionnaires by clicking a market's action button and filling in the Market Smart Q&A.

Note: On the Quote request page, markets are sorted by their submission status. The market with the highest-priority submission status (Requested to Bind) is displayed first.

However, for market users, their own market is always displayed first. Markets with the same status are sorted alphabetically.



A quote request's summary at the top of the page contains:

  • The Exp. carrier and Exp. premium. Clicking these fields opens the Expiring policy dialog, where you can change the Expiring carrier, Expiring premium, as well as the Expiring policy number

These fields will be prefilled if you've provided this information when creating the quote request. What's more, the Expiring carrier and Expiring premium fields are synchronized with Insurance History in the questionnaire. 

  • Renewal checkbox. Clicking it marks the quote request as a renewal.
  • 2023-08-01_15-09-27 button (My company's Producer & CSR for agencies, My company's Underwriter & CSR for markets). Clicking this button opens the My company dialog with your company's Producer/Underwriter and CSR assigned to this quote request. You can reassign the Producer/Underwriter or CSR by clicking the associated field and selecting from your company's users.

Tip: If you want to add a new Producer, Underwriter or CSR to assign to a quote request or policy, go to Setup > Users and click Add New. This is only available to company Admins

  • 2024-01-09_14-11-59 Notes icon Notes button. Clicking it opens the Notes sidebar, where you can add and view internal and shared notes on this quote request. If your company has at least one note for the quote request, the Notes icon will indicate this with a dot: 2024-02-06_17-47-18 notes icon.
  • Menu Menu with additional actions: Create renewal, Cancel request, Delete request, Restore request (displayed for canceled requests only).

The summary is available for all Quote request pages except for Activity log.