1. Using Appulate
  2. Appulate functionality

New Quote request page

We’ve redesigned Appulate’s main page for requesting quotes.

Forms, Loss Runs, Documents, and other relevant information can be found on separate pages. Each page also contains this quote request's summary at the top. You can switch between several questionnaire options

The interface and navigation are now smoother and structured better.

Navigating between pages

quote request navigation

The Quote request page has:

  • pinned tabs (Quote request, Compare quotes) you can switch between by clicking a tab;
  • an arrow 2023-08-14_17-49-02 that opens a list of pages related to this quote request. 

To navigate between quote request pages:

  • click the arrow 2023-08-14_17-49-02;
  • select a page from the dropdown list.

Quote request navigation

The following pages are available:  

  • Quote request: This is the main page with all information and actions needed to request a quote and bind a Policy. It has information about markets, quotes, statuses and Insured.
  • Compare quotes: Allows to view and compare quotes available to your company for this quote request.
  • Forms: Opens available ACORD and Supplemental forms. They can be filled out, downloaded, signed and sent by email.
  • Loss Runs: The main page for requesting loss runs from carriers and uploading them to your submission.
  • Documents: This page contains documents related to this quote request and Policy.
  • Summary (ex. Options tab): Opens this quote request's summary. It includes the expiring carrier, policy number, and premium, substatus, as well as your company's Producer and CSR running this quote request.
  • Activity log: Opens this quote request's log. 
  • Export: Opens the Export page, from where you can export the request or the insured to an AMS. This page will be available if the functionality is configured.
  • Notes: Contains notes that can be private or shared with other companies.



The Summary at the top of the page contains information about expiring carrier, premium, and renewal, as well as the producer, CSR, or (for markets) underwriter running this quote request.

You can change this information by clicking the associated field or icon and filling in the dialog.

You can also create a renewal, as well as cancel or delete this quote request via the three-dot menu.

Questionnaire selector

Questions on the Quote request page depend on the option chosen in the questionnaire selector.

questionnaire selector

When you first create a quote request, the page will display the default questionnaire. To switch to a different option, click the questionnaire selector in the toolbar and select from the list:

  • Market questions: This option shows questions of the markets added on the Markets Selector.
  • Default questions: This option shows default insurance line questions.
  • All questions: This option shows the markets' questions and the default questions combined.

Quote Details button

Clicking the Quote Details button opens the Quote Details dialog.

quote details

There, you can fill in the preferable quote limits, deductibles, and coverages for this insurance line.

However, you can set individual values for markets by clicking the Quote Details icon quote details icon on the market's level.