How do I request a quote for a Personal line?

You can request a quote for a Personal line (for example, Homeowners, Personal Auto) if the insured's type is Person.

To request a quote for a Personal line:

1. Make sure that the insured's Insured type is Person. You can check this on their Insured page > Profile.

On the All Insured page, the insured with the Person type are marked with the 2023-11-07_17-51-00 person insured icon icon.

Insured type on the Insured page

You cannot change the Insured type of an existing insured. Instead, you can create a new insured with the Person type. Just select Person on the Create new insured page.

adding a person insured

2. Click Request new quote on the Insured page. 

3. On the Create new request page, select a Personal line in the Insurance line/product field.

If there isn't one you need, you can add it by clicking Manage lines in the dropdown and selecting this line in the Insurance lines dialog.

Requesting a quote for personal line

4. You can now request a quote for a Personal line. Add markets on the Quote request page and click Start quote.