1. Using Appulate
  2. Appulate functionality

Market Smart Q&A dialog

Appulate's Market Smart Q&A dialog allows you to save time and effort as it shows required questions related only to one market, whereas the Smart Q&A tab shows questions for an insurance line and all markets added on the Markets Selector.

The Market Smart Q&A dialog is implemented for a range of markets. It appears when you click the following buttons on the Markets Selector:

 on the market level*

*the dialog won't appear if you click Submit or Resubmit on a submarket's level

  • Submit
  • Resubmit
  • Request quote
  • Generate quote
 on the quote level 
  • Submit to Underwriter
  • Request to bind
  • Bind

The Market Smart Q&A dialog's header and action button depend on the Markets Selector button that opens it, for example:

workflow with market smart q&a dialog

Sections and navigation

The Market Smart Q&A dialog can have the following sections:

  • Policy (or Quote Parameters) allows you to answer questions from the Quote Parameters dialog. 
  • Insured Q&A allows you to answer questions from the Smart Q&A tab. Depending on the market, this section may have a different name or be divided into several sections.
  • Submission credentials allows you to provide your market credentials if they are missing.
  • Attachments allows you to attach required documents.

Sections are displayed in full one after another. You can navigate between them by clicking their corresponding angle tabs at the top of the dialog.

The number next to a section's name on the angle tab indicates the number of unanswered questions there. Required questions are marked with a red asterisk.

All the information you fill in is synchronized with associated parts of the Appulate's system. Once you answer all the questions, click the dialog's action button (e.g. Submit). 

  • If you click to proceed with some required questions unanswered, you will be redirected to the first unanswered required question.
  • If one of your answers is invalid or isn't accepted by the market, you will see a corresponding hint in the Market Smart Q&A dialog's footer. Clicking the hint will redirect you to the associated question.