1. Using Appulate
  2. Appulate functionality

Market Smart Q&A

Appulate's Market Smart Q&A page allows you to save time and effort as it shows required questions related only to one market, whereas the Smart Q&A page shows questions for an insurance line and all markets added on the Quote request page.

The Market Smart Q&A page is implemented for a range of markets. It opens when you click the following buttons on the Quote request page:

 on a market level*

*the page won't appear if you click Request quote or Resubmit on a submarket's level (except for Brookside submarkets when selected under Brookside)

  • Review questionnaire (available via the three-dot menu)
  • Request quote
  • Start quote
  • Resubmit
  • Get instant quote
  • Schedule submission (for Email markets)
  • Submit by email (for Weblink markets)

 on a quote level 

(as Quote Smart Q&A)

  • Review questionnaire (available via the three-dot menu)
  • Submit to Underwriter
  • Request to bind
  • Bind


When you open the page, it will show all questions.

  • If you want the page to show only required questions, click the Show required questions only checkbox. To switch back to all questions, just unselect the checkbox.
  • If you want to return to the Smart Q&A page, click Back at the top of the page.
  • Clicking Send Q&A allows you to send the page's questions for the recipient to complete.

You can also review a questionnaire for a market or a quote by clicking the Review questionnaire button. This will open the Market Smart Q&A page:

  • For quotes, indications, and other markets, the page will have all questions in read-only mode and Back as the only button. The page will also display all available documents. You can download them but cannot edit them or upload new ones.

Review questionnaire

  • For your market, the page will be editable with the Back, Send Q&A, Show required questions only buttons. It will also have all documents uploaded and available to your market. You can can edit and download them or upload new documents.

review questionnaire for mga or carrier


Each market has its own set of sections. Sections are displayed in full one after another. You can navigate between them by clicking their corresponding angle tabs at the top of the page.

The number next to a section's name on the angle tab indicates the number of unanswered questions there. Required questions are marked with a red asterisk.

Typically, the MSQA includes sections containing questions from the Quote Details dialog and the Smart Q&A page.

Assigned agency 

If you are a market user, your MSQA (QSQA) will have the Assigned agency section. If you haven't assigned an agency on the Quote request page, you can do this here.

Assigned agency section

The Assigned agency section has the following fields:

  • Agency

  • Producer

  • CSR

These fields are synchronized with the Agency, Producer, and CSR fields on the Quote request page.

When you assign, unassign, or reassign an agency, a warning dialog will appear. You'll need to click Assign (Unassign) to confirm.

Warning dialogs

Note: All Assigned agency fields will be read-only if the quote request has been created and submitted by the submitter and not by your market.

Submission credentials, Attachments, & Market conditions

Markets can also have the Submission credentials, Attachments, and Market conditions sections:

  • Submission credentials contains fields from the eLogin editor ("Login type", "Login", "Password", "Agency Code" and "Producer Code").
  • Attachments contains a link for attaching documents.
  • Market conditions contains market requirements and hints that aren't included in the questionnaire.

You can upload required and non-required documents in the Attachments section if it's configured for this market. 

  • All Appulate document types are allowed.
  • You can upload several documents with the same type. 
  • Upload buttons for non-required documents are visible in the Show required questions only mode up until these documents are uploaded. After that, they are displayed in the Show all questions mode once you refresh the page. 

When you upload a document, you'll see the Document Markup dialog for the corresponding document type. You cannot change the document type. However, you can edit other fields like File Name and Notes.

Once you upload a document, you can edit edit button, delete delete button, or reupload it. Hover over the document to view available actions. 

attachments on the msqa

Non-required documents uploaded on the MSQA are displayed on the Documents page. Documents that were uploaded on the Documents page, have shared access type, and are non-required for the MSQA upload are shown on the MSQA in the Show all questions mode.

Note: By default, the documents uploaded on the Market Smart Q&A page are available to all companies in the submission chain. This applies even if the uploading company has its Document access set to My company only.

Generated documents aren't displayed in this section.

Policy binding

Requirements for the Request to bind action can be found in the Policy binding section.

policy binding requirements on the MSQA

Market Smart Q&A for submarkets

If opened for a submarket (carrier), the MSQA might include a section with the root market (MGA) questions. This is because some MGAs have their unique requirements.

submarket MSQA

In this case, if you send the MSQA for the insured to complete, they will receive the questionnaire with this additional section.


The Mark all "No" button automatically answers "No" to all Yes/No questions in this section or subsection. It is displayed only if a section or a subsection has at least two or more Yes/No questions.

If you answer "No" to all relevant questions (manually or by clicking the button), Mark all "No" will disappear. Unselecting your answer or answering "Yes" to a relevant question will make the button reappear.

Tip: Hovering over the Mark all "No" button highlights the Yes/No questions clicking the button will affect.

If the market supports quote generation, the MSQA's action button will indicate the insured's admissibility for a quote:

  • If quote generation is allowed, the MSQA will show the Get instant quote button.
  • If quote generation is restricted, the MSQA will show the Request quote button.

The button might change while you're working on the page:

  • If one of the answers you add restricts quote generation, the page's Get instant quote button will change to Request quote
  • If one of the answers restricts submitting, the page's button will change to Back.

If you correct your answers in a way that allows submitting or quote generation, the button will change to Request quote or Get instant quote respectively.

If you have opened the MSQA by clicking Resubmit or Start quote, the page will show these as action buttons.

Market Smart Q&A for Weblink markets

Markets may have submission specifics. For example, some allow small businesses to request a quote via Weblink, while requiring other insured to request a quote by email. To accommodate this, the MSQA for Weblink markets has two buttons:

  • Request quote by email. This button opens the Email Editor. 
  • Request quote via Weblink. This button initiates Weblink submission.

However, the MSQA won't display the Request quote by email button if you have already submitted a request for a quote.

MSQA for Weblink

Est. Premium

The Market Smart Q&A page will show the estimated premium if it has been calculated. Any related messages will be displayed to the left.

Est. premium

Depending on your user role and market configuration, the premium might be clickable. Clicking it will either:

  • open the Quote Details dialog with the Rating tab, if the market supports it;
  • download the rater document, if the market doesn't support the Rating tab.

est. premium actions

Proceeding from the MSQA

All the information you fill in is synchronized with associated parts of Appulate's system. Once you answer all the questions, click the page's action button to proceed. 

  • If you click to proceed with some required questions unanswered, you will be redirected to the first unanswered required question.
  • If one of your answers is invalid or isn't accepted by the market, you will see a notification in the Market conditions section.