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ProducerConnect™ Premium

ProducerConnect™ Premium is a quoting management and submissions platform that allows you to submit to your carriers and manage your submissions all in one centralized location.

Appulate’s ProducerConnect™ Premium works with any agency management system and eliminates the need to rekey data from ACORD forms.

To connect with a ProducerConnect Premium Sales Representative, please email agencysales@appulate.com 

Premium features

Below are the key features of Appulate’s ProducerConnect™ Premium:

ACORD & Supplemental forms

Get full access to ACORD and Supplemental forms created by Appulate. For more information, please read ACORD and Supplemental form restrictions.

Block the Market

Pre-schedule, email, and track your submissions with ACORDs & supplementals created by Appulate to any market.


Take advantage of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to recognize scanned ACORDs you import into Appulate.


Our tool bridges submission data to non-partnered market portals to eliminate the rekeying of data and data entry errors.

Insured Portal

Easily send requests to gather data from insured to populate Appulate & forms.


The Insured will fill out Appulate form and questionnaire right on your website, so you don't have to enter the Insured information again. Appulate InsuredConnect provides simple custom integration with agents' websites. Learn more

Instant Quotes & Online Premiums

Don’t wait to get a quote! Get real-time quotes from carriers such as: Employers, AmTrust, Liberty Mutual and many more all at the click of a button!


With almost 2,000 supplementals and forms already loaded into our platform, our Uplink™ technology will aid you in populating these forms, saving you valuable time.

Multiple Submissions

Send your submission to multiple Carriers and MGAs at the click of a button.


Manage client information within Appulate. You’ll be able to search and store all client quotes and submissions in one place.

Exclusive Carriers & MGAs

Expand your business by finding and connecting with new Carriers and MGAs within the Appulate platform.

Document Signing

Requesting a quote or policy from a market often requires you to sign various documents. Unlimited with ProducerConnect™ Premium, Appulate's eSignature feature helps you make this process faster and more convenient. This is a legal way to get electronic documents confirmed or approved.