1. ProducerConnect

ProducerConnect™ Premium

ProducerConnect™ Premium is a quoting management and submissions platform that allows you to submit to your carriers and manage your submissions all in one centralized location.

Appulate’s ProducerConnect™ Premium works with any agency management system and eliminates the need to rekey data from ACORD forms.

To connect with a ProducerConnect Premium Sales Representative, please email agencysales@appulate.com 

Below are the key features of Appulate’s ProducerConnect™ Premium:

Block the Market

Pre-schedule, email, and track your submissions with ACORDs & supplementals created by Appulate to any market.


Take advantage of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to recognize scanned ACORDs you import into Appulate.


Our tool bridges submission data to non-partnered market portals to eliminate the rekeying of data and data entry errors.

Insured Portal

Easily send request to gather data from insured to populate Appulate & forms.

Instant Quotes & Online Premiums

Don’t wait to get a quote! Get real-time quotes from carriers such as: Employers, AmTrust, Liberty Mutual and many more all at the click of a button!


With almost 2,000 supplementals and forms already loaded into our platform, our Uplink™ technology will aid you in populating these forms, saving you valuable time.

Multiple Submissions

Send your submission to multiple Carriers and MGAs at the click of a button.


Manage client information within Appulate. You’ll be able to search and store all client quotes and submissions in one place.

Exclusive Carriers & MGAs

Expand your business by finding and connecting with new Carriers and MGAs within the Appulate platform.

Document signing

Requesting a quote or policy from a market often requires you to sign various documents. Appulate's eSignature feature helps you make this process faster and more convenient. This is a legal way to get electronic documents confirmed or approved.