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Appulate InsuredConnect

Appulate InsuredConnect provides integration with agents' websites to obtain information directly from the Insured.

A potential Insured will fill out a form and questionnaire and send it to their agent in Appulate. InsuredConnect reduces the duplicate work and saves time by allowing the Insured to provide all the necessary information right in Appulate. Agents don't have to rekey this information and can request a quote or calculate a premium in just a few minutes.

Appulate InsuredConnect is included in ProducerConnect Premium and requires simple custom configuration. If you are an existing premium customer, please contact support@appulate.com for more information on getting started. 

If you want to use this new feature and upgrade your account to ProducerConnect Premium, please contact us at sales@appulate.com for details and getting in touch.

Main steps

1. An Insured clicks Get quote on the agent's website.


2. They are redirected to the Appulate form with the Insured information.

On this and subsequent InsuredConnect pages, the agency's logo (if provided in Settings) and information (name, primary address, phone) are displayed at the top.


3. On the next page, the Insured will see a questionnaire with standard questions for the selected line of business.

InsuredConnect workflow

You can scroll up the page by clicking 2024-04-18_16-36-38 scroll up button.

4. Clicking Next in the questionnaire opens a page for leaving notes or questions for the agent. This step isn't required. Users can return to the questionnaire by clicking Back.

When the Insured clicks Complete & send, this information will be sent to their agent in Appulate.

5. The agent will get an email with a link to a new quote request with information from the Insured (including any notes, if they have been provided). In addition, a new insured contact will be added to their agency. 

image (16) 

Now the agent can review information and work with a new prospect in Appulate.