How to change your company's address

You can change your company's address in the Locations section of the Company page, which is available via the Setup menu.

Note: The Company page is only available to Admin users.

1. Click the Setup menu and choose Company

2. On the Company page, click the Edit button on a location's row.

company page

Note: The crown icon ( smaller crown icon) in a location's Name column means that it's your company's primary location.

This is the address you indicated when signing up for Appulate. There can only be one primary location. You can change its address, but you cannot delete it. 

3. The Edit Location dialog will open. Edit the address as needed and click Save. All changes will be applied.

Note: The Street Address 1, City, State, and Zip fields have the Address Lookup feature. When you start typing, a lookup list suggesting possible options will appear. When you select an option from the list, this and associated fields will be filled in automatically.

Edit Location dialog

Adding another location

You can add a new location (e.g. that of another company branch) by clicking Add location.

This will open the Add Location dialog, which is identical to the Edit Location one. 

Changing a user's location

You can change a user's location on their profile page (Setup menu > Users > the Edit icon). If you find that a wrong location is passed during submission, doing this could help.

1. Click the Setup menu and choose Users.

2. On the Users page, click the Edit icon on a user's row. 

3. Click the Location field. This will open a dropdown list with all the locations from the Company page.

Choose the right location and click Save at the bottom of the page. This location will be passed in this user's submissions.