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Submission types

In Appulate, the way the insured's data is sent to the market is determined by its submission type. Submission types are configured by Appulate engineers for each market (carrier or MGA), meaning that one market can have different submission types for different insurance lines. 

The market's submission type is indicated by an icon next to its name on the Markets Selector and the Uplink page.

As of now, Appulate supports the following four submission types:

Submission type  Icon  Description

The Appulate submission type is implemented for markets that have signed an agreement with Appulate and use Appulate as their system.

Insured's data doesn't go outside the system. It is transferred directly to the market's Appulate account.

Email Email is the simplest submission type under which the data is converted to PDF documents and emailed to the person responsible for processing requests for quotes on the market's side.

The eSubmission type is implemented for markets that signed an agreement with Appulate and configured a web service to receive the data in the ACORD XML format (this only applies to eSubmission Standard; other eSubmission subtypes also support data transfer in the XML format, but not according to the ACORD standard). 

This is the fastest and most convenient way, as the insured's data is transferred to the market's server within seconds.


The Weblink submission type is implemented using the Appulate Weblink tool. This is a Chrome, IE, and Edge browser plugin tool that facilitates submission to the markets operating outside of Appulate's system so that users don't have to fill out the insured's data multiple times. When submitting to a Weblink market, a new tab opens where the market's forms are filled out automatically.

For information on installing and enabling Weblink in different browsers, go to Weblink.

Weblink subtypes

Weblink icons also reflect mapping statuses. These mapping statuses in their turn determine Weblink subtypes. These icons are displayed on the Markets Selector, Carrier Direct, and Submission Matrix pages.

Weblink subtype Description
Weblink-Login Authorization on the market's portal is supported.
Weblink-General The filling of general information on a market's portal is supported.
Weblink-ACORD The filling of ACORD forms on a market's portal is supported.
Weblink-Comprehensive Filling of a default form and ACORD forms on a market's portal is supported.
Weblink-Automatic quote generation supported A lighting icon is shown for Weblink markets that support automatic (instant) quote generation.
Weblink-Disabled A disabled icon appears if Weblink settings have been configured incorrectly. The tooltip reads, "Submission type: Weblink-Disabled".