Password reset

Users can reset their passwords by themselves or ask their company's admin user to do it. See below for possible errors. 

If you forgot your Appulate password or want to set a new one, you can change your current password by following these steps.

Note: Resetting your Appulate password will affect Uplink credentials. And vice versa, to change the password for Uplink, you need to reset Appulate password.

1. Click Forgot password? on the Login page.

forgot password

2. This will open the Password reset page. There, enter the email address you use for logging into Appulate and click the Submit button.

Note: If you have already typed in your email address on the Login page, it will be entered here automatically.

Password reset page

3. You will be emailed a link to the Change password page. 

Note: The password reset link can only be used once. If you have already used the link, it will redirect you to the Password reset error page, where you can request a new link.

Email sent

4. On the Change password page, type in your new password following the rules below and then click the Submit button.

Change password page

5. Your password will be reset and you will be redirected to your Appulate account.  

Password reset by admin users

Note: For more information on how admin users can edit their company users' information in Appulate, see Add, edit, and deactivate users.

Admin users can reset their company users' passwords by clicking Reset password on the User Profile page (available via the Setup menu > Users > Edit). 

The user whose password has been reset will be emailed a link to the Change password page, where they can type in their new password as described above

User-profile (4)

Possible errors

  • If you have already used the password reset link or it became invalid for some other reason, clicking the link will open the Password reset error page.
  • There, you can request a new link, contact Appulate's support team, or log in with your new password.

Password-Reset error (link expired)

  • The Sorry, you cannot reset the password page will open if your company's Admin has reset your password for you, but you haven't clicked the link you've been emailed and tried to reset your password on the Login page.
  • This page will also open when inactive users click Forgot password? on the Login page. 

disabled by admin

  • If a company's Admin resets an inactive user's password, the user will be sent the password reset link but the Change password page will have the "Sorry, your account is disabled" error. 

Change-password (acct disabled)-1