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  2. Working with Insured

How to share submissions and policies with insured

An insured user is a person who is specified as an insured contact and joins Appulate by invitation from an agency user, who is managing the insured's submissions and policies. 

The insured join Appulate to fill out the questionnaire, check or edit the information, or simply track the status of their RFQs and policies. They do this on the Insured portal, which becomes available to them once they log in to Appulate.

In Appulate, retail agency users can share the RFQ and Policy information with the insured using the Share with insured button on the RFQ and Policy interface. 

  • RFQ interface

  • Policy interface

Sharing RFQs

1. To share a request for a quote, you need to click Share with insured in the upper-right corner of the RFQ interface.

In the dialog, you need to select or add an insured contact, write a message, and click Send.

  • If an insured's contact is not selected, you need to choose one from the drop-down list or select Add new contact: enter a first name, last name, and email address.

    Note: On the Insured Portal, the insured will have access to:

    • Questionnaire
    • Quote information (only if the quote status is “Sent to insured“, “Accepted by insured”, or ”Requested to Bind”). For more information on how to send quotes to the insured, go to How to share quotes with insured.

      In addition,

      • Learn more contains a link to the Help Center.
      • Insured Portal opens a preview of the Portal as it will appear for the insured.

      2. Once an email is sent, the insured will receive an invitation containing a link to the Insured Portal.

      • New insured users will be redirected to the 'Sign up' page to create a password and log in to the Insured Portal.
      • Existing users will go straight to the Insured Portal.
      Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 13.51.41

      Sharing a Policy

      The logic of sharing information is the same as on the RFQ interface. The Share with insured button opens a dialog where an insured contact should be selected or added.

      Note: On the Insured Portal, the insured will have access to the shared policy information.