General questions


Question: What is Appulate?

Answer: Appulate is a web-based management system that connects various participants of the US insurance market, such as carriers, MGAs, agencies, and the insured, and facilitates workflow in the industry. It introduces an innovative approach to optimize and automatize the traditional processes of storing, analyzing, and exchanging data in this business field.

Question: When using Appulate, what is the turnaround time on my request for a quote?

Answer: Being a software company behind the automation in the submission process to your MGA/Wholesaler or Carrier, Appulate is not acting as an MGA/Wholesaler or Carrier.

Although increasing efficiency through Appulate may produce a quicker turnaround, the submission has to be reviewed and processed per the MGA/Wholesaler or Carrier’s individual guidelines, which vary, and turnaround is controlled by the MGA/Wholesaler or Carrier and not by Appulate.

If you have any questions or issues or are experiencing delays in receiving a quote, please contact the MGA/Wholesaler or Carrier that you submitted to.

Question: What is Appulate Uplink™ and how do I install it?

Answer: Appulate Uplink™ is a special tool that allows you to easily import filled-out ACORD forms directly from your AMS right into Appulate and communicate this data throughout the system. Appulate does all the work of creating relevant business entities or matching the information with existing ones.

Question: What is Appulate Weblink™ and how do I install it?

Answer: Appulate Weblink™ is a special tool (browser plug-in) that allows you to automatically fill out the application forms on carriers' websites with the data previously entered or imported in Appulate. The Appulate Weblink™ is available for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Question: How do I start a submission?

Answer: You can start it in Appulate by clicking the Create new insured button on the All Insured page. To open this page, click All Insured on the Insured menu. In this case, you need to create an insured client and then a request for a quote, which you can then submit to a market.

If you have an ACORD form filled out in your AMS or saved in a PDF or graphics file, you can also start a submission by using Appulate Uplink™. To do it, select "Appulate Uplink™" as your printer and click to print, or right-click the file and then click "Uplink". After the data has been imported to Appulate, you will be able to make a submission.

Question: What do these icons on the Insured list mean?


 Customer (has at least one active policy)

 Prospect (has no active policies, but has at least one active request for quote)

  Former customer (all policies have expired or have been canceled)

 Former Prospect (has no active polices, all requests for quotes have been declined or canceled).

Question: I have accidentally created two identical insured clients in Appulate. Can I merge them into one?

Answer: Yes. To do it, find an insured client you want to merge on the All Insured page, point to their row, and then click the Merge 2023-11-08_15-54-08 merge icon (1) button. After that, select the second insured you want to merge in the open window and then click the Merge button. 

Question: I would like to provide one of our insured clients with access to their own applications (requests for a quote) for reviewing, editing, etc. How can I do this?

Answer: You need to invite this client to Appulate. To do it,

  1. Click All Insured on the Insured menu and then click the insured you want to invite.
  2. Open the Contacts page, click the Add New button, and then enter all necessary information to create an Appulate account for the insured. Pay attention that their valid email address should be specified too.
  3. Click the Invite button in the very right column of the insured's row.
  4. Send the email message with the instructions to the insured.

Question: I do not like the way that our agency's name shows up on ACORD forms. Where is it pulled from?

Answer: The agency's name and other relevant information are specified when an agency is registered in Appulate. To modify these, click "Company" on the "Setup" menu and make the necessary changes, for example, to "Company Name". (This function is available only to "Admin" users.)

Question: Other people in my office want to use Appulate. How can I add them?

Answer: Click Users on the Setup menu, click the Add New button, and then enter all necessary information to create a new Appulate account. (This function is available only to Admin users.)

Question: Why do I keep getting logged off from Appulate?

Answer: A time-out may occur in your Appulate session. If a time-out delay is set for your company, each user will see a count-down timer in the lower-right corner of the Appulate page letting them know the length of inactivity required until they are logged off. You can contact your company administrator to set an appropriate time delay or do it yourself if you have "Admin" rights.

To set another session time-out for the users of your company:

  • click Settings on the Setup menu;
  • find the Session time-out setting under Security & permissions;
  • select another option from the list;
  • click the Save button to apply your change.

Question: It seems like Appulate runs slow for me. Is there anything that I can do about that?

Answer: The power behind Appulate is the Question Engine. This complex technology supports various forms that you create in real-time. In order for this engine to complete its tasks, it must access a series of databases - that can take a few seconds. The key is to be patient and know that it is not a problem with your Internet connection or PC.