Where can I find the premium?


A premium is the price of a policy. In Appulate, you can find the premium:

You can also specify expiring premium for quote requests.

Quote's premium

Market Smart Q&A

When you're generating a quote, the Market Smart Q&A page will show the estimated premium if it has been calculated.

The premium might be clickable, either downloading the rater document or opening the Rating dialog with the premium's calculations. This depends on a market's configuration.

 premium on msqa

Quote name

A quote's name typically displays its premium. For uploaded quotes, you can choose a generated name for it to automatically display the premium you've specified.

Premium in quote's name

Quote markup

When you upload a quote, you can provide its premium in the Quote markup. If you choose a generated name, it will automatically display this premium.

After you upload a quote, you can edit its premium by clicking Edit quote in the quote's menu kebab-menu icon. This will open the Quote markup.

Premium in the Quote markup

Compare quotes page

The Compare quotes page displays the premiums of all the quotes available for your company and this insured.

premium on compare quotes page

Note: If a premium isn't available, Add premium will be displayed instead. Clicking it will open the Quote markup, where you can add the premium and other quote details.

Expiring premium

You can specify the expiring premium:

  • when creating a quote request. It will then be displayed in this quote request's Summary, where you can change it.

2024-02-16_15-56-38 expiring premium on the create new request page

  • in the Summary of an existing quote request.



You can view a policy's premium in the Total Premium field on the Policy page. This is the premium of a quote on the basis of which this policy was bound, including any taxes and surcharges.

In some cases, you can edit the premium by clicking the Total Premium field. This will open the Commissions page, where you can change these values. The field might not be editable if the policy is read-only


When adding a policy, you can specify its premium. 

new policy's premium