How to add a policy

In addition to binding a policy in Appulate, you can also add a policy.

Please note that you can only add already existing policies. This is because obtaining a quote and active policy in Appulate requires a different workflow.

This functionality is only intended for keeping record of the insured's policies in Appulate.

adding a policy

You can add a policy by clicking Add policy on the Insured page or the Insured menu pages.

  • On the Add policy page, fill in the policy's Insurance Line/Product, Effective Date and Expiration Date, and Carrier. These fields are required.
  • You can also fill in additional non-required fields, for example Premium, Policy Number, and MGA/Wholesaler.

Note: If you add an MGA/Wholesaler, you may be asked to also add an MGA/Wholesaler contact to create a policy. This happens in cases when there aren't any MGA/Wholesaler users that could be assigned to this policy.

Tip: If the policy is a renewal, select the Renewal checkbox. You can also add optional details such as the policy's substatus or expiring premium.

  • When ready, click the Add policy button. You will be redirected to the Policy page.