Questionnaire and quote changes

If you have received an indication or a quote but then changed some questionnaire answers, you can proceed with the current document or update it.

Appulate's Changes in the questionnaire page allows you to compare the changes and select the document version you want.

The Changes in the questionnaire page will open if you've changed some insured-related information in the questionnaire.

This page is available for quotes, indications, and quote requests.

changes in the questionnaire page

The page will open if you click the following buttons on the Quote request page:

  • Update quote, Update indication, Update quote request for any market or submarket;
  • Submit to Underwriter for AmTrust Financial and Employers;
  • Bind for Employers;
  • Continue submission for # weSure Digital Insurance Services, Inc and Stillwater Insurance Co.

updating the quote after changes in the questionnaire

Any questionnaire changes you've made are displayed in the Updated information column. Your initial answers are displayed under Current information.

You can proceed with your workflow either with your current document or its updated version.

Clicking Proceed with current quote (indication, quote request) will open the Quote Smart Q&A (QSQA) page. In this case, the QSQA page will contain the insured information from before the questionnaire update.

Clicking Proceed with updated quote (indication, quote request) will open the QSQA page with the updated information. 

Note: If you opened the Changes in the questionnaire page by clicking Submit to Underwriter or Bind, the QSQA will only update your quote (indication). To proceed, click Submit to Underwriter or Bind after you get your updated quote.