How to export data to QuickBooks

QuickBooks integration can only be added to markets by Appulate's team.

If your market has QuickBooks integration, your market's users can export policy transaction data to QuickBooks from Policy > Commissions page.


Company settings

Your company's admins can configure mapping with QuickBooks in Settings > QuickBooks Integration.


You can export transaction data from a policy's Commissions page. You have to assign an agency in the Agency field to proceed.

Commissions page

The exportable data depends on the Billing plan:

  • If the plan is Direct bill, you can export Agency invoice, Insurance market invoice, and Agency bill.
  • If the plan is Agency bill, you can export Agency invoice and Insurance market bill.

The plan used by the market that issued the policy will be selected by default. However, you can change it to the plan used by your company.

Tip: The status next to a field (Not exported, Exporting, Exported) will indicate the point you're at with exporting. You can hover over the Exported fields to view the timestamp and QuickBooks invoice or bill number.

Once ready, click Export.

1. If you haven't given Appulate access to QuickBooks, a pop-up will appear asking you to sign in to your QuickBooks account.

Signing into QuickBooks2. You'll then need to select a company to which the data will be exported.

Selecting a company for export

3. The data from the Policy > Commissions page will be exported to QuickBooks. We'll input everything (including the carrier and assigned agency) automatically and create the invoices.