1. Using Appulate
  2. Email Notifications

Questionnaire update notifications

These notifications will be sent to the market user after the market receives a submission from the agency or MGA or he/she assigns an agency.

Every time an agency or market user changes something in the Questionnaire, all other markets working with this RfQ/policy are sent letters with information about the changes.

Note: To receive "Questionnaire update" emails, you need to have the Changes Notification option enabled on the Settings page.

Note: If several changes are made to the questionnaire sequentially, events are aggregated, and one notification is sent to the market user containing information about all these changes. The period during which the changes are combined is 15 minutes.

No notification is sent:

  • If the RFQ is deleted or has the status "Canceled", "Declined by market", "Declined by Insured"
  • If the RFQ receives the status "Policy-Canceled"
  • Users with the Submission notification "None" will not receive these emails either.

Underwriter and CSR indicated in the RfQ/policy are notified. If none of them is specified, an alert is sent only to those users of the market who have the Notification Default Catch All setting enabled on the User Profile page.

The changes that the insured contact made come from the insured contact.