Open brokerage markets in Appulate

We, in Appulate, want you to expand your markets and grow your business. Have you ever wanted to request quotes from companies without being appointed? You can now find open brokerage companies in Appulate and add them to your request.

Our latest update includes a number of improvements in this direction.

Adding markets

1. To add markets, click Add markets in the Market Name column of the Quote request page.

Add markets dialog

2. You'll see the Add markets dialog where:

  • Selected markets are in the first group. Your company has selected these markets among all available companies on the Markets > Available page. They can be found on the Markets > Selected page.
  • Open brokerage markets are in the second group. They allow agencies to request quotes without an appointment. These companies are suggested by Appulate.
  • Available markets you haven't selected yet are in the third group.

You can also search for a market in the Add markets dialog. Just type its name in the search box above the list. The dialog also allows you to filter by markets that support the insured's states.

Note: Only open brokerage markets that support the current insurance line, and with configured Appulate, eSubmission, or Weblink submission types will appear in this dialog. Open brokerage markets are only visible to agency users.

Available markets are also only visible to all agency users except regular (non-admin) users if Allow non-admin users to select/unselect markets is not checked on your agency's Settings page.

Note: Markets that have already been added on the Quote request page will not appear in the Add markets dialog.

3. Select markets you want to request quotes from and click Add markets.

adding markets

4. Great! Added markets will appear on the Quote request page.

Added open brokerage and available markets will also appear on the Markets > Selected page. This event will be logged in the Activity log ("Market Selected").

Note: The Add markets button is hidden if your company is a captive agency (working under a market's URL).