1. Using Appulate
  2. Email Notifications

Document notifications

The "Document Uploaded" notifications are sent to the agency and market users when documents are uploaded to any RFQ or Policy. 

These emails inform the recipient of the event and contain the uploaded file. These notifications are determined by the Document upload notifications setting on the "User profile" page. The Document Uploaded activities are logged in the Activity log.

These notifications are sent to:

  • agency and market users who are assigned to this RFQ or Policy
  • users who are not assigned to this RFQ or Policy but have Notification default catch all selected on the Users page.

The "Document Uploaded" notifications aren't sent:

  • to company users who've uploaded documents to an RFQ or Policy
  • if neither Underwriter nor CSR is assigned to the RFQ or Policy
  • if documents are uploaded on the Insured tab
  • if the RFQ status is "Cancelled", "Declined by market", "Declined by Insured", "Declined by Producer"
  • if the Policy status is "Cancelled"
  • if an RFQ or Policy was deleted
  • if a market doesn't support Appulate submission type
  • if a document was uploaded before the submission or an agency has been assigned to
  • if users are inactive or the company is disabled.