Working with markets


Question: Which markets supporting eSubmission and Appulate Weblink™ are available?

Answer: Markets partnered up with Appulate are listed on the Submission Matrix page. There you will find out which submission types these markets use for their insurance lines.

Question: I see that not all markets I work with are available for eSubmission and Appulate Weblink™. How can I add more?

Answer: Appulate allows you to make submissions to all markets we are partnered up with using all available submission types.

If you do not find any of your markets, or they do not use a submission type you expect to see in Appulate, you can refer your market's representative to us or contact us at

Question: How do I add and remove markets in Appulate?

Answer: To add a market, click Available on the Markets menu, find the market you want to work with, and then click the + button in the Select column. This market will appear in the list of markets available for submission.

To unselect a market and stop working with it in Appulate, click Selected on the Markets menu, find the market you no longer want to work with, and then click the respective - button in the Unselect column. You can always add this market back if you change your mind.

You can also add markets on the Quote request page. Just click Add markets and select markets in the dialog.

Question: How do I enter my Agency Code for markets?

Answer: Click Selected on the Markets menu, click the market you want to enter your Agency Code for, and then open the Settings tab on the left. After you have specified the code under Agency Code, click the Save button.

For more information, see Agency and Producer codes.