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Visibility of submarkets to your agencies

This article aims to explain the advantages and disadvantages of letting your agencies see your markets, and to show how to handle this functionality within Appulate.

The main idea of this functionality is to provide your agencies with the ability to see particular markets you work with (submarkets) and to make submissions to these markets without your mediation or assistance.

available markets on the RFQ interface

Main features

Depending on their practices in Appulate, carriers, and MGAs can let their agencies know ahead of which markets they work with, they can also keep this information private or provide this information on only a limited number of their markets. However, if a carrier or MGA hides one or more of its markets, it will lose certain capabilities of the system that might come out useful. Here is a list containing some of them.

1. Each time an agent selects or unselects a submarket in the list, Appulate dynamically adds or removes the questions it requests to answer. The overall number of questions changes accordingly.

2. An agent sees the appetite guide and estimated premium indications of your submarkets. These indications not only inform the agent of which markets may provide a quote and which will not, but also let them estimate the price of an insurance policy.

3. An agent is allowed to deliberately select markets they want to receive a quote from, or to unselect markets they work with directly or do not work with for any reason. For example, an agency is appointed with some of your markets, and thus the agent does not need to make a submission to them through your company.

Visibility settings

1. You can opt to use the same visibility setting for all your markets or specify it individually. To get started, click Settings on the Setup menu and then find the My Markets’ Visibility to Agents setting; it has three options:

  • All: All your markets are visible to your agencies and are automatically selected for submitting.
  • None: All your markets are invisible to your agencies until your company submits their RFQs to these markets. This option is set by default.
  • Select: Visibility of your markets is set individually on the Settings tab of a market page. If the setting is switched from "None" to "Select", all your existing markets will remain invisible to your agencies until you change their visibility manually. If the setting is switched from "All" to "Select", all your existing markets will remain visible to your agencies and will be selected for submitting. However, all newly selected markets will be invisible to your agencies.


2. The visibility setting of your markets is shown in the Visibility to agencies column of the table on the Selected markets page.

To change a market’s visibility, click its value in the column, and select another one in the drop-down list; three options are available:

  • Invisible: This market is invisible to your agencies until a user of your company submits their RFQ to it. This option is set by default if "None" is selected as "My markets' visibility to agents". The self-selected market is permanently invisible.
  • Visible, not selected: This market is visible to your agencies, but they need to manually select it for submitting.
  • Visible, selected: This market is visible to your agencies and is automatically selected for submitting. This option is set by default if "All" is selected as "My markets' visibility to agents". Also, if the current carrier or MGA creates a new RFQ, this market will be automatically added to the market's list on the Markets Selector.

Regular non-Admin users of your company can change this setting only if "Select" is set as "My markets' visibility to agents".

Admin users can always change this setting, but this may affect the "My markets' visibility to agents" setting: if it is "All" or "None", it will be switched to "Select".

visibility to agencies

3. The visibility setting of a selected market can also be changed on the Settings tab of a Market page: the Visibility to Agencies setting.

Visibility to agencies