1. Using Appulate
  2. Email Notifications

Request-to-Bind notifications

When the agent clicks the Request to bind button, the notification is sent to the market's email address. Alert recipients are those listed in the request as an Underwriter and CSR. Underwriter and CSR are defined on the Summary page from the receiving market.

  • If neither the underwriter nor the CSR is defined, the alert is sent to all market users (for example, belonging to this region) for whom the setting Submission notifications differs from "None".
  • If an underwriter or CSR is specified, but "None" is set to configure Submission notifications, the alert is not sent. In addition, it is possible that no suitable recipient was found; then the notification will be sent to users of the market who "collect" such alerts, i.e. with the Notification default catch all setting configured.
  • If the agent has clicked Request to Bind on a specific submarket, then the bonus will indicate the letter (if not, then there is no line in the letter) of the submarket and not the one that is displayed at the main market.