Request-to-Bind notifications

When an agent clicks the Request to bind button, the notification is sent to the market's email address. The recipients are the Underwriter and CSR assigned to this quote request.

If the market has agreed to receive email notifications, these emails are controlled by the Policy requested to bind setting on the My Profile (User Profile) page.

  • The email is sent if Underwriter and/or CSR are assigned, and the setting is turned on.
  • If setting is turned off, then no emails are sent to assigned users.
  • If the setting is turned off, the email will be sent to users of this market with the Receive emails unassigned to any user of my company setting turned on.
  • If the agent has clicked Request to bind for a specific submarket, then the premium will be specified in the letter (if not, then there is no line in the letter) of the submarket and not the one that is displayed at the main market. 

Request to bind notification