1. Using Appulate
  2. Email Notifications

Record update notifications

An agent creates an RFQ and makes a submission to a market without selecting an assignee on the market's side.

Notifications of this type are sent when the market starts processing this RFQ:

  • when a market user changes the default value [None] in the Underwriter or CSR fields on the Options tab and selects a user whom he wants to assign to the role for this RFQ
  • when the Underwriter and CSR have been assigned to an agency on the Agency Info tab and this agency submitted an RFQ to this market.

When an Underwriter or CSR is selected, the status of the RFQ changes from "New Request for Quote" to "Request in Progress". Simultaneously a notification is sent to the user of the submitting company.

Note: A notification is not sent if a user assigned to an RFQ on the agency side has been deleted or is inactive, also if an RFQ or an Insured has been deleted on the agency side.