Record update notifications

An agent creates a quote request and sends it to a market without selecting an assignee on the market's side.

Notifications of this type are sent when the market starts processing this request:

  • when a market user changes the default value Not selected in the Underwriter or CSR fields and selects a user whom they want to assign to the role
  • when the Underwriter and CSR have been assigned to an agency on the Agency Info tab and this agency has sent a quote request to this market.

When an Underwriter or CSR is assigned, the status of the quote request changes from "New Request for Quote" to "Request in Progress". Simultaneously, a notification is sent to the user of the quote requester company.

Note: A notification is not sent if a user assigned to a request on the agency side has been deleted or is inactive, also if a request or an Insured has been deleted on the agency side.

Record update notification