Appulate for MGAs

How can Appulate empower you as an MGA? MGAConnect is the future of InsurTech.

Our Top Features for MGAs:

Build automatic rate, quote, request to bind, and track submissions on any line of business - all within seconds. 

Expand Your Business

Find new carriers in Appulate, use technology that works with both commercial and personal lines of business, and promote your products using our extensive resources. 

Works with Management System

Allow your agents to upload data from any agency management system. Appulate’s forms upload and parsing technology is designed to convert ACORD forms into structured XML data, allowing you to bridge data directly into your portal or backend system. 

Automate Your Workflow

Customize and automate your workflow in Appulate using our online rating, instant quote generation, specific requirements for the policy binding and questionnaire. 

Custom Solutions

Create a customizable portal in which 80% of retail agents are currently connected. If you already have a portal, Appulate bridges ACORD data instantly via API. 

Bridge Data

Appulate’s technology bridges data from the agent’s management systems or ACORD pdf into a highly automated workflow to minimize data entry and save time and resources.

Will Chambers, Hiscox

At Hiscox, we pride ourselves on our digital-first
approach to the agent insurance journey. Appulate
shares our vision and helps us to enhance our
capabilities through their streamlined submission and
agent tools. It really is a perfect match!

Join the Appulate Movement!


Appulate is the most forward-thinking and dynamic solution for MGAs (and wholesale brokers) looking to expand their distribution, automate their submission workflow, and increasing margins.


Appulate tools are designed to streamline the submission process by moving data directly to your agent-facing portal, supporting integration with back end management systems and enabling easier connectivity to carriers to complete the risk quoting process.

Empowering Agents

Appulate users have the ability to upload data from any agency management system, Rate/Quote/Request to Bind, and track submissions – all within seconds.

World-Class Technology

Appulate has been innovating insurance technology since 2005. Nobody knows this industry better than us! Make your programs and products more accessible for agents and save time by enhancing your current technology to the most automated system available in the industry.

 Below will review how MGAs can utilize Appulate technology

Existing Portal

A2X: Appulate’s ability to transform ACORD forms into usable XML data is unparalleled. For nearly 15 years, Appulate has been the first and best solution for forms parsing in the insurance industry. Additionally, our cost structure is more affordable and a better overall value compared to the vast majority of our competitors.

With A2X you are able to quickly intake ACORD forms, map out data, and reduce data entry. You are also able to provide a tool to your agents so that they can upload an ACORD form, automatically login to your portal and see their ACORD data bridge over in real time.

  • Forms Available: All ACORD forms and versions
  • Upload Compatibility: All agency management systems
  • Download Compatibility: Any system able to ingest XML data
  • Accuracy: 100%

Appulate Portal

MGAConnect: Appulate has worked with hundreds of Carriers and MGAs over a decade to automate as much of the submission and underwriting process as possible. Our portal is one of the most affordable solutions for any size MGA/Wholesaler/Program Administrator and the most widely used solution among US retail agents (over 245,000 users).

We are also able to utilize your API’s, rating calculators, and make your programs available to the largest network of agents in the industry.

Appulate Automates:

  • Submission Intake
  • ACORD / Supplemental Creation
  • Smart Questionnaires
  • Instant Appetite Guide Notices
  • Document Upload
  • Signature Collection
  • Instant Quotes
  • Binding Online
  • Exporting ACORD Data as XML
  • Bridging Data to Carrier Portals
  • Real-Time Pricing Indications

It’s simple: MGAConnect™ increases your
opportunity for growth by making it easier for you
to do business with both your markets and agents.

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