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Advertisement notifications

This article provides a list of templates that are used to generate email messages related to Advertising Engine functionality.

An email notification duplicating a pop-up advertisement

As soon as a pop-up advertisement appears, an agency user who sees it also receives a relevant email notification informing them of the opportunity to sell one more policy.

Subject: "Appulate: Find out which coverage you also can sell with Appulate"

"Hello [AgentName],

You recently worked on a submission for [Insured Name] for [LOB1].
Our goal at Appulate is to ensure that we are a reliable tool to make submitting easy, save you time, and help you expand to new markets.
This is why we wanted to send this automated email to notify you that [Market Name] has [LOB2] coverage available for this client.
To learn more about [LOB2] with [MarketName], please CLICK HERE.
We are able to add a new submission instantly using the data you have already inputted, thus saving you hours of time and numerous keystrokes.
To initiate a submission for this market and receive an automatic quote, please CLICK HERE 2.
(Initiating a submission will share this insured’s data with [MarketName] and they may contact you with additional questions)
Happy Appulating!

Appulate Team
Appulate® | Where Agents, MGAs & Carriers Do Business Digitally ™"


  • AgentName: the name of a recipient (the Appulate user)
  • LOB1: the name of an insurance line which the user has made a submission for
  • LOB2: the name of an insurance line being promoted
  • MarketName, CLICK HERE: a reference to the web resource where the latter insurance line is described in detail
  • CLICK HERE 2: a link to automatically create an RFQ, add there the market being promoted, and open the RFQ interface with this RFQ. Additionally,
    • If the agency already has an RFQ for the promoted insurance line for this insured client, and at least one market is added there, this link will open this RFQ without adding the promoted market there.
    • If the RFQ was already created and then deleted or if the target insured was already deleted, this link will open the All Insured page where a message informing the user of the error appears.