Submissions received by email

The process is initiated by an underwriter receiving an email with an attached ACORD form. The Underwriter is now responsible for bridging the data into Appulate. The steps outlined below may trigger email notifications.

Receiving & processing submissions

1.  Uplink ACORD.

Install the Appulate Uplink tool. Right-click on the PDF attachment in your email and choose the Uplink option.

2. Assign the agency and producer.

3. Request additional data from the agent if needed. Use the Send Q&A button on the Smart Q&A tab.


4. Add Markets to work on your quote.

5. Submit to each market you want to quote with.

For some markets, Appulate will push your data to an existing portal outside of Appulate (i.e. CNA). For other markets, their portals are live within Appulate (i.e. Employers). Fulfill any requirements the market has before clicking Submit. Use the letter indication for each market to help guide you through the submission process.

Click Submit when you are ready.


6. Receive quotes and upload them into Appulate.

Once you receive a quote from your market, upload it into Appulate to record it. Your agent will not have access to the quote until you Release the quote to them. See step 9 below.

Note: Some markets generate quotes automatically when you click Submit. This is indicated by the lightning in the market's icon. For more information, see Quotes.

7. Update the submission status.

If the submission was declined, click the status in the Status column and choose the appropriate option.

If you submitted outside of Appulate and now need to update the status in Appulate, click the 3 little dots to the right of the Submit button and choose Mark as submitted to have the option to update the status.

8. Add a cover page to the quote you will share with your agent.

9. Release the appropriate quote to the Agent.

They will then receive an email notification, a status update in Appulate, and they will be able to access the quote in Appulate.

Bind requests

10. Navigate to the insured Record in Appulate. Follow the email notification link or log into Appulate and search under Quotes and Requested to Bind.

11. Gather information from Appulate and bind with your market (outside of Appulate).

12. Mark the status as bound and upload policy documents.