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How to edit fillable Supplementals

Appulate is constantly integrating new supplemental forms but it takes a lot of time. Some markets require information that is not in Appulate's system. As a solution, Appulate offers supplemental PDF forms that contain the required questions users can quickly fill out. You can find them on the Forms tab.

If a market you selected has a fillable supplemental PDF form for this insurance line, you can fill it out.

The workflow depends on the browser you use. Internet Explorer 11 allows you to edit and save fillable supplemental PDF forms within Appulate. In other browsers, you will have to download the form onto your computer, edit it, and upload it back to Appulate. 

Internet Explorer 11

1. Click Edit on the form's level. 

2. If Adobe Reader or its plugin is not installed on your computer, the Adobe Reader plugin is required dialog will open, where:

  • clicking Adobe Reader opens the Adobe page where you can download it;
  • clicking enabled opens the Adobe page with instructions on how to enable the plugin;
  • clicking Learn more opens this Help Center article. 

The "Adobe Reader plugin is required" dialog

3. If Adobe Reader is installed and its plugin is enabled, clicking Edit on the form's level will open the dialog where you can fill out the form.

Having done so, click Save to Appulate

Note: Attempting to close the dialog without clicking Save to Appulate triggers a pop-up saying, "You have unsaved changes on this page. After closing the window all changes you’ve made will be lost."

Click OK to close or Cancel to return to editing and saving the form.

4. The filled-out supplemental form appears in Appulate, replacing the original template.

Other browsers

1. Click Edit on the form's level. 

2. This opens a dialog informing you that you cannot edit fillable supplemental forms in your browser. You can either access the form via Internet Explorer 11 or download and edit it on your computer.

Note: If you choose the former, make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer and its plugin enabled.

Clicking Adobe Reader in the dialog opens the Adobe page where you can download it. Clicking enabled opens the Adobe page with instructions on how to enable the plugin.

Information dialog in Chrome

3. Click Download form and fill out the form on your computer.

4. Upload the filled-out form back to Appulate. The form appears alongside the original template.

Note: You can upload the form by either dragging and dropping it anywhere on the page, or clicking Upload files